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Every toddler deserves a happy tummy.

Organic Oatmilk Toddler Formula

Organic Oats


Gentle Pea Protein

Organic pea protein provides a full 9g of protein per 8oz serving and is gentle on sensitive toddler tummies.

Vitamins and Minerals

25 vitamins and minerals including all B-Vitamins at levels appropriate for growing toddlers.

Brain Development

Choline is a critical nutrient to support brain development. We included this vital nutrient to help your toddler reach their full cognitive potential.

Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C, D, E

Tally Toddler is fortified with iron and all of the critical nutrients found in dairy milk to help your toddler grow big and strong.

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Directions for Use

How to Serve.

1️⃣ Full scoop per 2 ounces water.

2️⃣ Shake for 15 seconds to mix.

3️⃣ Serve and discard leftovers.

Note: 4 scoops = 🍼 1 8oz bottle.

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Directions for use

When to Serve.

Serve during regular feeding times, when your toddler would be served a beverage.

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