Toddler tummies are more susceptible to food intolerance.

Trying an alernative protein is a great place to start.

Proteins = Food Allergy

Protein Choice Matters.

Food allergies are caused by adverse immune system responses to proteins in food. The most common undeclared protein (food allergy) is Dairy.

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Intolerances vs Allergy

7.8% of Kids Have a Diagnosed Food Allergy

Many toddlers experience intolerance in the growing years due to developing immune systems and digestive tracts.

Like you, we are frustrated by the lack of choices to serve children experiencing food intolerances and allergies.

Learn More About Food Allergies

See an allergist, keep a diary

How Do You Know?

We know it can be frustratingly difficult to diagnose food intolerances!

Here are some tips:

Observe your toddler after feedings to identify villains: Bad Poops (messy, off-color, blood in stool), Rashes, Fussiness, Tantrums, Sadness, Activity Withdrawal, Mood Swings.

Keep a Food Diary to document the consistency of intolerance or food allergy that may be causing these villains to upset your toddler.

If you suspect your toddler has a food allergy, speak with an allergist.

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Switch Up The Protein.

Tally Toddler Organic Oatmilk Formula utilizes Pea Protein fortified with amino acids, vitamins and minerals to deliver the same complete nutrition as dairy-based formulas.

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